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Curtiss SBC-4 Helldiver


Title   Catalog No.
Curtiss SBC-4 Helldiver 0753
Model Nickname
Curtis SBC-4 Helldiver

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About the Painting

As the name "Corsair" was given to several Navy fighters, the name "Helldiver" was similarly applied to a series of Curtiss-built Navy and Marine Corps dive-bombers; from a plane based on the Curtiss F8C Falcon in 1928, to the SB2C Helldiver of 1940-1946.  The SBC Helldiver appeared in 1933 and was the last combat biplane manufactured in the U.S.  The SBC-3 Helldiver of 1936 had fullly-enclosed cockpits, retractable wheels, all-metal fuselage and fabric covered wings. 

The SBC-4 evolved in 1938 with two .30 caliber machine guns, a Wright R-1820-34 engine and capability of carrying a 1,000 lb. bomb.  Two hundred of these aircraft were in service with the U.S. Navy and Marine air units at the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.


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