Approaching Storm.
Looking For Trouble
A-4s Over Destroyer USS Cook (DE 1083) in Vietnam
Operation Pierce Arrow - NVN.
Ready, Willing and Waiting
Spotting On The Waist Cat

Enterprise On Yankee Station


Title   Catalog No.
Enterprise On Yankee Station 0418
Model Nickname
A-4F Skyhawk, Scooter

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About the Painting

Sweeping across the deck of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, the loaded McDonnell Douglas A-4 Skyhawks thunder to their targets from Yankee Station located just off the coast of North Vietnam.

The carrier Enterprise is the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and is carring on the tradition of its namesake, "The Big E" (CV-6) which fought in every major sea battle in the Pacific War II.  She is the most combat decorated aircraft carrier in history.  After 51 years and 25 deployments, she was de-activated in 2012.

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