BT-1s Over USS Enterprise CV-6
Round the World Cruisers
Douglas Cloudster
F2F-1's Over USS Ranger (CV-4)
Curtiss SBC-4 Helldiver
Douglas M2 Mailplane - Pencil

Talent Discovered  . . . XBT-2


Title   Catalog No.
Talent Discovered . . . XBT-2 0000
Model Nickname
BT-1 later designated XBT-2

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About the Painting

R.G.'s first official picture drawn for Jack Northrop circa 1936.   Ed Heinemann took the drawing to Wash. D.C. to show the Navy.  Tommy Stockbridge, an old time actor who was in charge of files at Northrop, gave R.G. a can of graphite to use for the background.  This discovery influenced the dark shading effect of his future works and also marked the beginning of his recognition not only as a configuration design engineer but as a talented artist. 


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