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Piaggio PD-808


Title   Catalog No.
Piaggio PD-808 0271
Model Nickname
Piaggio PD-808

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About the Painting

The Piaggio PD.808 was designed by the Douglas Aircraft Company of Long Beach, California, as a business jet. No orders were received, and the complete project was bought by Piaggio Aero, which flew the first prototype in August 1965. Piaggio also failed to secure any worthwhile commercial interest, but a few examples were taken by the Italian Air Force. Only 24 examples of this type, with low-set wings and aft-mounted turbojet engines, were produced, and 22 of these went to the Italian Air Force. The first aircraft were configured for the utility role, but the last six aircraft were completed as electronic platforms with cabin accommodation for specialist electronic intelligence equipment and its three operators.


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