Out Of The Sun
FW-190s Attacking B-17 Flying Fortresses
P-51 Shooting Down FW-190
SBD's Sinking Japanese Battleship
Carrier Down
Over The Hump

The Turning Point


Title   Catalog No.
The Turning Point 0841
Model Nickname
Douglas SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber

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About the Painting

This is one of a series of paintings by R.G. that depicts the "Battle of Midway". It depicts scenes that are based on actual interviews of pilots that were directly involved in this historic battle. This series of paintings accurately captures the ferocity of the battle and the heroic actions of our naval pilots that was never recorded on film.

The key to winning the battle was the skill and courage of our navy pilots flying the Douglas SBD Dive Bomber. It was a turning point in the war in the Pacific during WWII.

 Prints of this painting signed by veterans and artist available for purchase.


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